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Thalesians Ltd

We believe that we can help create a healthier, more sustainable human environment by applying the lessons we are learning from building some of the world's most successful high- and medium-frequency trading systems to a wider range of data sets.

We call the new science—built on the foundation of quantitative finance, algorithmic trading, machine learning (ML), deep learning (DL), artificial intelligence (AI), reactive programming, and big data—neocybernetics.

The Level39 member fintech, Thalesians Ltd, is a neocybernetics company using the new technology and science to revolutionize finance, insurance, transportation, shipping, and medicine in the United Kingdom and worldwide.

We do this by implementing real-time ML/AI software for neocybernetic systems, providing education and consulting services.

We are experts in the application of ML/AI techniques to time series data, particularly Big Data and high-frequency data. Our areas of expertise include the mathematics of ML/AI, Deep Learning (DL), Python, and kdb+/q.

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